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RTS has its own in ‘in house’ laboratory facilities enabling it to extrapolate accurate data from samples obtained on site. RTS laboratory services are used by surveyors, housing associations, manufacturers etc. as well as providing invaluable evidence for litigation purposes.


On site Services

  • Investigation into causes of damp and rot: Rising damp, condensation, penetrating damp

    (above and below ground): Dry rot, wet rots.

    -- most investigations involve sampling and recording of data to obtain objective and supportable opinions.

  • Investigation of disputes relating to damp and woodworm/dry rot/wet rots.

  • Environmental investigations by the deployment of Data Loggers. This procedure is particularly useful when investigating condensation problems.

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Laboratory services:

  • Gravimetric moisture and soluble salt analyses; moisture 'profiles'

  • Analyses of cement based renders/plasters; sand grading : all in accordance with the appropriate British Standard

  • Identifications of plasters

  • Identifications of insect and rot damage, and other insect pests.


Other services:


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