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G.R. Coleman B.Sc(Hons)., M.S.B., C.Biol., M.I.W.Sc..


  • Member of the Institute of Wood Science. (M.I.W.Sc.)
  • Member of the Institute of Biology. (M.S.B)
  • Chartered Biologist (C.Biol.)
  • Consultant Member of the Property Care Association (formerly British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association) - Honorary Life Member


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ii. Coleman, G.R. and Baker J.M.
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iv. Coleman, G.R.
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vii. Coleman, G.R.
`Insecticidal smokes for the conservation of structural timbers.' Oxford Congress: `Conservation of wood in painting and the decorative arts.' pp 17-23, September 1978.


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'Do chemical damp-proof courses work? Professional Treater, October 1997

x. Coleman, G.R.
'The Mysteries of the ElectricalMoistureMeter Professional Treater, December 1997

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'Chemical Control of Deathwatch Beetle in Historic Buildings' Proc Int Woodcare Conference, London. 1998

xii. Coleman, G.R.
'The Chemical Control of Dry rot, Serpula lacrymans' English & Scottish Heritage Seminar, London 1999.

xii Coleman, G.R.
'The Concise Guide to the Identification of Insect Attack and Fungal Decay of Timber' (In Press)

Numerous other published articles relating to dampness and timber preservation; these include commissioned work for specialist building chemical companies which take in manuals for practical damp-proofing and dry rot and its control.
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