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BBC's 'raising the roof'

Once again the BBC have produced one of their low budget, spy-on-the wall progarmmes, this time about the timber preservative industry, ie, those who actually treat timber.

Some of you may remember the last programme produced about a year ago (January 1999) where they 'investigated' the damp-proofing trade -- however, what they didn't show on that was the results of analytical work which conclusively showed there was active rising dampness in the building!! In fact the 3 consultants they used all gave different diagnoses, one reporting a flood, one reporting bridging of the dpc and the final one who produced the analytical work showing rising dampness saying nothing!

Well, the same has happened again, but this time with wood-boring insects. There was an article written just prior the the broadcast which is reviewed, and also the programme itself. Read the reviews and think objectively about what is being said by the experts!

Pre-programme Review: 'Raising the Roof 2000

Programme Review: 'Raising the Roof' 2000

and a quick review of some of the facts provided to 'Raising the Roof' on Dampness, 1999:

Raising the Roof: Dampness 1999


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