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Boron Based Preservatives

Boron based preservatives are mostly supplied in 2 forms:

Borate rod: A fusion of sodium octoborate and boric acid at high temperature to produce a 'glass-like' water soluble rod.


Boron/glycol mixes: Sodium octoborate dissolved in monopropylene or monoethylene glycol; there may also be some water present. 3 basic 'grades' are available:

  • 40 - 50% sodium octoborate: This material is somewhat 'gel' like, colourless and usually supplied in caulking gun tubes ready for injecting into pre-drilled holes in timber. This material will provide very high loading of preservative deep within the wood.
  • 20% sodium octoborate: supplied as a liquid; the viscosity may vary according to manufacturer. Specifically for brushing but some of the less viscous materials have been applied by other methods.
  • 10 - 11% sodium octoborate: used for masonry sterilisation as part of the control of dry rot. Some initial feedback suggests they are highly effective in this role.
For suppliers of Boron based preservatives refer to the Manufacurers Section on the Property Care Association web site.




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